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  • biofuelBIO-FUEL

    March 2013 saw an important landmark in the development of 'biojet fuel'.

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  • algenALGAE

    In winter 2009 and 2010, Schiphol used algae to break down waste water containing glycol.

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  • zonnepanelen SOLAR-PANELS

    2012 saw the launch of a solar panel pilot project at Schiphol.

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  • olifantsgrasELEPHANT GRASS

    It is an excellent raw material for a wide range of products. It absorbs CO2 from the air.

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  • etaxi E-TAXI

    An increasing number of electrically powered vehicles can be found at and around Schiphol.

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  • led-lantaarnpalenLED LAMPPOSTS

    Six Philips lampposts with DC LED lights are to be installed as street lighting at the testingGROUNDS.

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theGROUNDS moving to Schiphol East

From the 1st of April 2016 theGROUNDS will have a new location.

We are moving from Schiphol Centre to Schiphol East, where it all started 100 years ago. You can find our new address on the contact page.





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